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10 Popular Websites of the World

Popular Websites of the World - In today's world, computer has become a very important part of human life. And with identical, the statistics of users mistreatment the web are increasing each day. Whenever people want to get information about something, first of all, people go to websites and find answers to their questions and they also get information.

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Countless websites ar created daily within the world of web and a few of those websites ar specified have created a unique place within the lifetime of web users. Those websites have become a part of man's everyday work, have become like companions such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and YouTube.

Without these websites, the day of all of us cannot be complete. Except these websites, there ar several alternative such websites that ar illustrious in alternative huge countries, we've detected and famous little concerning them. So, in this article, I will give you information about the top 10 most popular websites in the world, in which the whole world visits everyday.

10 Popular Websites of the World

The popularity of all these websites is due to their visitors. The top 10 most popular websites in the World list has been created by taking the numbers of visitors. All these are not just one website, they are all among the biggest companies in the world.

Top 10 Most Popular Websites in the World 2022

Ever since Google was fashioned, it's been forthcoming the primary range, as a result of it's the foremost used computer program within the world. Through this list, I want to share some important information related to the Internet with you. If you are a user of Internet then it is very important for you to know about all these.

1. Google

Google is the world's most famous web search engine. This website gives many features, like if you want information about something, then you can get all its details in a pinch. Google's most popular email service is Gmail, through which we can also create our own mail Account.

2. Facebook

Facebook is that the world's second and most visited on-line social networking site. Through this website, we can talk comfortably with friends living in any corner of the world, make video calling, share photos.

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It was started by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and since then its popularity is increasing. Facebook has over one billion users everywhere the globe. Facebook periodically updates its features to reduce the problems of users. One of them is removing faux accounts.

3. YouTube

YouTube could be a terribly massive video sharing web site that Google has bought for $1 billion. Through this website, we can upload, tag and share our videos all over the world.

In YouTube we get to see different types of videos like music videos, educational videos, TV daily shop clips, entertaining videos etc. This famous website also offers to do user account free registration, due to which any person or organization can easily upload their video materials.

4. Yahoo

Yahoo is also a popular web search engine. Yahoo is an American Multinational Technology Company based in California. Yahoo is the most popular website in the US.

Its popularity is the web portal and its associated services such as Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, online mapping, social media accounts etc. Known because of. According to Yahoo, it attracts more than half a billion users every month by making them available in 30 languages.

5. Baidu

Very few people in India must have heard about this website. Baidu is China's web search engine like Google, which is available in their language. Baidu website offers about 740 million webpages in Chinese language, 80 million images and 10 million multimedia files on the internet.

Baidu provides many sorts of facilities like Baidu Map, Baidu Yun, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu News etc.

6. Amazon

Amazon is that the world's largest on-line searching and sixth prime most well liked web site. This online website is America's international e-commerce company.

This web site opened an internet marketplace in Republic of India beneath the name of, and it started with the primary on-line store wherever thousands of kinds of books ar simply accessible.

Gradually its popularity started increasing and this website started trading many other things like electronics, furniture, software, apparel, video games, toys and jewellery. Amazon is available 24×7 to provide good service to its customers.

7. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the most popular website read by the world's seventh largest audience. It was started in January 15,2001, then it was started in only one language, in English language, as its popularity started increasing, Wikipedia started leaving articles in many languages.

And in today's time, there are at least 38 million articles on Wikipedia in 250 different languages. Every month about 500 million visitors get their information on this website.

8. Taobao

Taobao is China's online shopping website like Amazon and Ebay, which started on May 10, 2003 and was discovered by Alibaba Group. Taobao website is an online market place only for the people of China from where they buy their needy goods.

If any person living in China wants to start their business, then Taobao also opens an account for them where Taobao teaches them how to start their business and make them successful. About 760 million merchandise ar found during this web site, thanks to that Taobao is taken into account to be the highest ten most well liked websites within the world nowadays.

9. Twitter

Twitter is an internet social networking web site that permits its users to browse and send 140-character messages known as "tweets". This web site is being employed everywhere the globe and any individual will register in it fully free.

Only those users who have registered on this website can read and send their messages, and other users who have not registered can only read tweets.

Twitter started in July 2006 and today at least 500 million users have registered in this website so far. And equally twitter has created its place within the prime ten most well liked web site.

10. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service headquartered in California and has offices in 30 cities around the world. This website is especially used for professional networking.

In this website Facts Online, users get information about various types of recruitments and those who have business can also find and hire suitable candidates for themselves. LinkedIn has 400 million registered users in more than 200 countries. This website is available in 24 languages.


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