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How to earn money from YouTube Gaming Channel

How to earn money from YouTube Gaming Channel?

Earn money from YouTube Gaming Channel: Hello friends, there will be many of you who would love to play the game. So do you know that money can also be earned by playing games. Yes friends this is true.

YouTube Gaming, a platform where all our favorite games can be found. Like Call of DutyGTA VPubg, Free Fire etc. Google has made this platform specially for gamers and here any person who is interested in gaming can create his own channel and upload Live or On-Demand Videos.

How to earn money from YouTube Gaming Channel

I told about 16 YouTube Channel Ideas in one of my posts. In the same post, I told you about uploading Live Stream or Videos by creating YouTube Gaming Channel. 

So you too can earn money by creating your own YouTube Gaming Channel. If you do not have much information about this, then read this post of ours completely, in this I have told you everything in detail. So let's get started.

Gaming channel is a very good category to grow your YouTube channel very quickly.

If you start a channel of any other category other than Gaming Channel, then you may not be able to earn more money from there or you may not even grow your channel.

If seen, the growth rate of other channels is much less than Gaming. And in present times the competition of gaming channels is very less. Because today's youngsters are addicted to gaming.

How to grow YouTube Gaming channel?

 1. Gaming Setup – 

To grow YouTube Gaming channel, first you have a good PC. Because the quality of PC is very good and if you do not have PC and you are recording your gameplay from mobile phone then you should have a good Android phone. Along with this, you should have a good internet connection. So that your game does not lag while live stream or while recording game play video.

2. Produce Regular Content – 

​​If you want to grow your YouTube channel, then you have to upload regular videos. Because if you upload videos to your YouTube Gaming channel every day, then your ranking in YouTube increases and at the same time your viewers also come to know that gaming videos are uploaded on this channel every day.

2. Produce Regular Content –

You have to always stay connected with the audience visiting your channel. When you upload a new video, your viewers will comment on that video, you will have to answer those comments. And they will share each and every one of your videos so that your subscribers will also increase and people will like your video.

4. Mind SEO – 

SEO means search engine optimization. You know that SEO is very important for all content creators, including youtubers. For YouTubers, it is mostly useful to title and tag your videos properly. These tips are those that help the audience to find your video . That is why you need to put tags related to that content on each of your videos. And your channel will grow.

So if you also want to start your own gaming channel, then you can also earn a lot of money.

How to earn money from gaming?

There are many such people who make their own channel, but those people do not know from where they can earn money.

Many people only know about Google Adsense that they can monetize their YouTube videos with Google Adsense.

Or say, Advt on your video. You can earn money by doing it. But it is not so, there are many such ways to earn money from YouTube Gaming Channel.

Now people who do not know these things then they also earn money, but they are not able to earn as much as those people work hard.

Let us now know from which sources money can be earned on YouTube Gaming Channel:-

Now let's also know about all these things, how to earn money from them.

1. Google Adsense:-

After creating a YouTube Gaming channel, this is the first way to earn money. From where you can take some time to start earning money.

Because if you want to monetize your channel with Google Adsense, you have to complete 4000 hours of watch-time on all the videos of your channel. Which means that if the duration of your video is 5-10 minutes. So you should have at least 50-80 thousand views on your channel.

And with this there should also be 1000 Subscribers on your channel. When you complete these two things then you will be eligible to earn money from Google Adsense.

Then on all your videos Advt. Will start coming for which you will start getting money.

2. Super-Chat:-

People who run Gaming Channel on YouTube and they have not enabled Super-Chat, then those people are making a big mistake and those people who could have earned even more money, they are doing their damage.

Super-Chat is used in Live Stream. Whenever a YouTube creator comes live on his channel, all the people who watch his video get an option by doing Super Chat.

From where they can give 40 or 50 rupees to whatever creator they want to get Shout Out in Live Stream of the creator of their choice.

And the good thing is that those people who like to watch Gaming Videos, they give Super Chat rights.

You must have seen that super chat remains on in the live stream of the gaming channel.

Those people who have not turned on the feature with Super Chat, then turn on this feature.

For this you have to open YouTube Studio and there you will get an option named Monetization. Within that, you will also get the option of Super Chat, you can enable it. Then you too can start earning money from Super Chat.

3. Join Membership:-

It takes you some time to earn money in this way because you get this feature only when there are good Subscribers on your channel.

With the help of this feature, you can connect with your Subscriber. Anyone who wants to join with you has to pay some money.

And these people do it just to get a shout out. Whoever joins the membership of your channel. For that you can give from Rs 59 to Rs 2800.

4. Use Affiliate marketing

Do you know that you can do marketing in youtube gaming channel too . Then you ask how?

In the description of your video, you can give a link to whatever products you use in gaming. As gaming laptop, mobile, headphones etc. you can earn a lot of money from it. Then you will ask how? In the description of your video, you can give a link to whatever products you use in gaming. As gaming laptop, mobile, headphones etc. you can earn a lot of money from it.

After creating a gaming channel, keep these things in mind.

After creating a gaming channel, everyone has two options for you in which you can upload video or you can live stream.

If you want to live stream, then first you should be a good active subscriber on your channel because you can live stream only after 1000 subscriber is completed.

When you make a video, try to make its thumbnail a little different because when YouTube shows the impression of your video, you will get more and more clicks due to having a good thumbnail.

It would be better if you make a video every day.

You must have seen that nowadays Pubg Mobile's Vines are also being made, so you can also make videos like that. Thank you for your attention. I Hope you will enjoy Earn money from YouTube Gaming Channel.

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