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What is Google Adsense InArticle and InFeed Native Ads?

Google Adsense has launched two more new ads format, which is InArticle and InFeed Native Ads. At present, I have not seen Native Ads in any Hindi or English blog, but it has been installed on many English blogs. If you have your own blog then you will know What is Google Adsense ?

If you do not know, then you can get some information from this link of ours. Keeping Google bloggers in mind and keeping bloggers income in mind, Google has published two new ad formats.

जानिए High Quality Content क्या हैं और High Quality Content कैसे लिखें ?

AdvertisIng networks work on some new idea every time because the advertising market Ing is growing very fast. That's why some have emerged with new ideas. Its name is Google Adsense InArticle & InFeed Native Ads In English/Hindi.

Google itself has asked its users about it, “ If you want, you can take advantage of it by joining the beta test ”. A lot of questions come in the mind of the publisher. Will it make any difference in Website Friendlyness and will let you know if there will be anything new in it. So let's learn something new.

What is Google Adsense InArticle Native Ads

Many Eligible Publishers are using Matched Content very well. While promoting this feature more, Google is using InArticle ads in the middle of the paragraph to give a good chance to the publisher.

What is Google Adsense InArticle and InFeed Native Ads?

In which the dimension of the ad is at least 250px side and will recommend those content to the publisher which supports the matched content of website and blog. More information about all these is in the Google Adsense ad document.

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What is RSS feed and How does it Work ?

InArticle only high quality content means that the response is high. InArticle AIDS attracts more viewers. In which they can have lower CPM than SHORT term also.

We can customize Font, HeadlIne, Description and Background. So that it can match with the design and style of the website. If you want, you can also use the style provided by Google.

What is Google Adsense InFeed Native Ads

Before knowing about Google InFeed native Adsense ads, what is feed to you. I want to give this information to you.

What is Feed?

A lot of content in the website is in one place in one stream. This content appears in similar looking blocks.

जानिए High Quality Content क्या हैं और High Quality Content कैसे लिखें ?

This content is seen one after the other. If we take an example, there is a list of articles, news, products, services, at one place in the blog, we will call them feed. This ad can be shown anywhere on the page.

Some examples of feeds:
  • Main feed homepage
  • Main feed result page
  • in a feed sidebar
  • in a feed footer
  • In Feed horizontal page
  • Text feed

Google InFeed Adsense Native Ads Information

Google InFeed is very much discussed. Keeping Google's publisher in mind, now Google has added some new features to InFeed ads. InFeed ads are just like InArticle ads. When we talk about native then Google is not auto optimize.

In this, the publisher can costomize the ads of his choice according to the need of his website. Monetize website or blog without disrupting any visual flow.

SEO kya hai ?

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We add headlIne, font, wrappIng and text, heading, description, URL alignment of the ad, button color and boarders. We can customize all of these. Both these ad formats InArticle and InFeed native ads can be used publicly by all publishers within this year.

What's New in Google InFeed Native Ads

Publishers who use Google Adsense and ADX can create their own ads. You can make according to your own product. As

  1. Display
  1. Mobile In-app
  1. Video
  1. Games

Advantages of InFeed Ads

  • New tool of monetization which can make more money.
  • Better User Interface Experience
  • It has better solution for mobile web
  • can costomize easily
  • High qualities of advertisement

My final opinion on this article

So friends today's information is very important. In which you have been given very good information about Google Adsense InArticle and InFeed Native Ads . This ad format of Google Adsense is a new tool for monetization.

With the help of these two ad formats, you can use a better ad format. In this, your visitors will get the experience of a better user interface. You already know what is Google InFeed native ads and what is Google Adsense InArticle Native Ads.

Hope you have liked this article, how did you feel, you must tell below. If you want to ask any question now, then definitely write in the comment box below. And if you also want to give any suggestion to us, then definitely give it to us so that after that we can do something new for you again.


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