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How to save Google Adsense Account from being disabled?

How to save Google Adsense Account from being disabled? Due to its arbitrariness, the Google Adsense account of many people gets disabled. So today we will know about its correct use. All those people who are bloggers and people who are connected to the Internet will know about Adsense.

People who do not know and want to get information about it, then what is Google Adsense and how it works , you must read from this website, you will get information related to it.

As you would know that today I am going to give some information on Adsense itself, so I am sharing some knowledge about Adsense so that you do not have any problem in understanding this article further.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is a product of Google that allows bloggers to show contextual ads on their website. This is the best way to earn money online. It is also very easy to use and Adsense provides high quality ads, due to which Adsense has been considered a very powerful product. Many people are earning money in thousands of dollars only through Adsense.

Once you get approval from Google Adsense, after that you just have to add a few lines of code to your website, after that Adsense will automatically start working and ads will start appearing in your website. These ads are the visitors to your site. Will show you too. And whenever your visitors click on that ad you will start getting money.

How to save Google Adsense Account from being disabled?

should not be done after the account is approved in Google Adsense. After getting account approval in Google Adsense, bloggers make many such mistakes due to which Google bans their account forever.

जानिए High Quality Content क्या हैं और High Quality Content कैसे लिखें ?

As I have already told that Adsense is a product of Google and many rules and regulations have to be followed to join Google, if we do not follow it then obviously Google will close our account forever.

Once your account is closed in Google Adsense, after that you will not get the money for ads and it will be very difficult to create your account again because Google will not allow you to do this soon.

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And the earning of many websites comes from Adsense only. So if you do not want Google to close your account forever because of any small mistake of yours, then definitely follow some of the given points and earn a lot of money from Adsense.

What not to do after Account Approval in Google Adsense?

Before using anything you need to have complete knowledge about it. That is why first of all do not forget to read Adsense program policies once . By reading the points given below, you can save Google Adsense account from being disabled.

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1) Don't click on your own ad

First of all, in the greed of money, do not click on the ads of your website or get clicks from your friends, by doing this Google detects such fake clicks and will close your account immediately. It is said that greed is a bad force, so stay away from this evil force, then see that you will have many benefits or else you will have to suffer loss.

2) Fix the placement of Ads

Never place ads under your heading where it is written in the ads click here or click to download by doing this Google will close your account. You have to decide where to show the ads on your website, so you have to put your ads in the right place by thinking, you can place ads in the middle of your article, either according to the design of your page. can also keep.

3) Do not place Adsense ads inside the pop-up box

Do not put Adsense ads in your website as a pop-up box, it is against the rules of Google.

5) Do not copy content or images

Post new and most different contents and your own made images in your website. If you keep the copied content or image from anywhere on your website, then your Adsense account may be in danger of being closed.

6) Don't use disapproved language

Google has not approved all the languages ​​​​in the world for Adsense. If the language of your blog or website is not in that list, then your account will definitely be disabled.

What did you learn today

So these were some tips that can save you from making mistakes and from closing your Adsense account forever. Getting approval to create an account in Google Adsense is as difficult a task as it is easy to lose it from your mistakes.

of all those rules which you read and click at the time of account approval and try that you do not break their rules but follow them.


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