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What is Assembler in Computer and C Language All Information

Hello world, my name is Harsh and now i am starting c programming tutorials for bignners. This is my first part and we will know today What is Assembler in Computer and i will explen some things abuot the c programming language . so let's start the tutorial.

What is the C programming language ?

Let's some tallk about the c programming language. This language was devloped by dennis ritchie at bell laboratories, USA, in 1972.

The c language is the most popular general purpose programming language. This is a basic programming language and it's called the mother of all programming languages.

Some important concept of c language are drawn from 'Basic combined programming language' and 'B' Language. C language is middle level computer language.

Uses of C Programming Language:

Now, We will know some uses of the c programming language. it can be used to devlop a new operating system. the c language is closely associated with the UNIX Operating System.

The source code for the UNIX OS is in C. C runs under a number of operating system including MS-DOS. The c programs are efficient, fast and highly portable. We can make compiler by using the c language.

Introduction Of ANSI C Standard:

Now, We will know about the ANSI C Standard. For many years, there was no standard version of c language. Due to this reason portability featurs of c language was not provided from one computer to another. 

To overcome this discrepancy, a committee was set up in the summer of 1983 to create a standard c version which is popularly known as American National Standard or ANSI.

This committee had defind once and for all a standard C language . The standardization process took about six years for defining the c language. The ANSI c standard was adopted in 1989, and its first copy of c language was introduced in the market in 1990.

Why use c language ?

C language is used for devloped the system. c programs can make operating system and most of the work can be doen by using c language. we can make text editor,os,tools etc by using the c language.

c language is very compertble for all operating system. c language is fast then all programming languages. we can make some of the folowing by using c language:-

  • Operating Systems
  • Language Compilers
  • Assemblers
  • Text Editors
  • Print Spoolers
  • Network Drivers
  • Modern Programs
  • Data Bases
  • Language Interpreters
  • Utilities

What is Assembler in Computer ?

What is Assembler in Computer and C Language All Information

What is Assembler in Computer ? An assembler trnslates the symbolic codes of programs and assaimbly language into muchine language.

The symbolic language is translated to the muchine codes in the ratio of one is the one symbolic instractions to one muchine codes instractions. the assaimbler programs translate the low level language to the muchine code.

Perhaps you do not know, but the computer could understand the program written in machine language, but generally writing a program in machine language was considered a very difficult task,

So the assembly language was created and the assembly language was translated into machine language. You can understand it like a translator, it is a translator that translates assembly language into machine language.

That is called an assembler, so let's know What is Assembler in Computer ? And how does it work? The computer does not understand the program written in the assembly language, the computer understands only the binary symbols 0 and 1 or machine language.

The task of assembler is to translate the code written in assembly language into binary i.e. machine language.

Basically, an assembler is a computer program that converts code written in assembly language like mnemonic code into machine language i.e. binary code and explains it to the computer which runs on the principle of binary.

The Kinds of Assembler:

The process that is completed by the assembler by translating the source codes into object codes is divided into two parts which perform their roles in different ways. Which work in the following way -

One-pass Assembler: It works to directly translate assembly codes into machine codes in one go.

Two-pass or Multi-pass Assembler: This program goes through various stages to translate. It divides the assembly codes into opcode and symbol table before completing its translate process. After that it completes its task of converting into machine codes.

The Advantages of Assembler:

This is the Some Following are the advantages of Assembler:-

It does the job of translating assembly language at a fast speed. Because its codes are already on low level language.

It has knowledge of programming codes of both assembly and machine language. Due to which it works well.

It takes less time in its process and also it requires less storage to store its codes.

Assembler reads programming codes in different parts, due to which the chances of making mistakes in it are greatly reduced.

With its use, we can give instructions to the computer in less time, but for this it is very necessary to have knowledge of Assembly Language.

It also automatically selects the location of the assembler storage and installs it at that place.

It is so secure that there is very little chance of its destruction.

How does Assembler work?

It converts the mnemonic codes of Assembly Language into machine codes and they complete this process of conversion in three steps.

It first translates the source code into object code and then it translates the object code into machine code with the help of a linker program.

Opcode Table - This table works to collect and store mnemonic codes. Which is the first step in the process of its translation.

Symbol Table — It serves to collect numerical data of the programming language used by the programmer.


You already know about What is Assembler in Computer? This is the process of computer development. Which works to bring ease in the way the computer works.

Its programming system has the ability to read both assembly codes and machine codes. Due to which it is able to do its work at a faster rate.

With the help of assembler, codes are created in the work of building various types of software. With the help of which various types of needs related to modern technologies are fulfilled.

So friends, through this post you know what is a assembler in Computer? If you liked this post of ours, then do share it with your other family members.


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