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What is blog and how to do blogging

What is blog and how to do blogging? If you use the Internet, then you must have heard about Blog or Blogging at some point or the other. You must have often heard from YouTube or any other person that I am a blogger and I earn lakhs of rupees from blog. Some say that the blog covers all the expenses of their house.

So  are all these  things true? Can you really make money from a blog? So friends, it is absolutely true that in today's time there are many bloggers who  are earning lakhs of rupees from blogs.

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In this article, I will also tell you the names of some bloggers who earn lakhs of rupees today. So friends, if you also want to start your own blog, then what is a blog and how to do blogging, then definitely read the article completely. 

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In today's time, the  best way to earn money online is to earn money by blogging. A blogger with a medium range earns 20 thousand to 50 thousand rupees a month and the blogger whose blog gets traffic in lakhs earns lakhs of rupees per month? The most important thing about blogging is  that  you do not need to work in any office for this.

What is blog and how to do blogging

You can do online blogging sitting at home and earn money from blogging. But yes blogging is not a game, in this you have to be successful in blogging, then you have to keep a lot of hard work and patience because in this field there is no fixed time when you will be successful.

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Friends, if you also want to become a blogger, then questions must be coming in your mind that what is this blog after all? How do you do blogging? What does it take to make a blog? So friends, you will get complete information about blogging in this article

What is Blog ?

Blog is a kind of website, on which a blogger writes his opinion and information on a particular topic every day or regularly and uploads it on the internet so that people come to his blog and the traffic of his blog increases.

People used to write diaries in the olden days, in the same way today people write their opinion on the internet or about a particular topic, we call it Blog and today people are earning a lot of money sitting at home by writing blog.

Friends, you must have searched about a topic on the Internet at some point or the other, then have you ever thought that the topic about which you search on the Internet and how you get it so easily. You get to see thousands of articles on the Internet, not one or two. We call that article a blog. 

So I hope you have got the information about Blog Kya Hai, now we know what is a blogger

What is Blogger?

A blogger is someone who creates a blog on the Internet, designs it and publishes a new article every day on the blog. That is, shares on the Internet, which we get very easily by searching on Google.

What are the benefits of writing a blog?

Are bloggers who write blogs for time pass, then let me tell you that not at all, today's bloggers earn millions of rupees through blogs, in this article I am going to tell you the names of some bloggers who are blogging today. Earning lakhs of rupees.

You can write a blog from anywhere, you do not need to go anywhere to write a blog, you can write a blog from home and anyone can write it, a child, a young man, an old person, a housewife who is interested in writing. In this you do not need any degree, just you should know about blogging.

What is Blogging ?

The blogger who publishes a new article every day on his blog and shares it on the internet is called blogging. Meaning that if you have good information in any one field or if you are an expert in any one field, you have good knowledge of that field, then you can write about that thing on your blog and tell the same to the people. It's called blogging. 

Now as I am a blogger and I write articles on a new topic every day, in the same way if you are an expert in any field or you have a good knowledge about that subject, then you can write about that topic in your own way. Write at least one article every day on the blog, this is called blogging. 

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You can do blogging in both Hindi and English languages, apart from this, there is other language on which you can do blogging, but you have to keep in mind that which language supports Ad-sense.

Friends, now you must be thinking that now what is this ad-sense, you will also get the articles below about it. 

What is Google Adsense ?

Ad-sense is such a service that helps bloggers to earn money, through ad-sense, we bloggers earn money today, if you get the approval of ad-sense on your blog, then you can easily earn thousands of rupees sitting at home. you can.

How many types of blogging are there?

1. Personal Blogging 

In Personal Blogging, you can share whatever information you want to share about yourself to people, how is your lifestyle, what work do you do during the day, what is your daily routing, that you can share in Personal Blogging. And this is called Personal Blogging. 

2. Business Blogging

Whatever your business is in Business Blogging or if you want to share information with people related to any business, then you can do that in Business Blogging. 

3. Professional Blogging

Professional Blogging Those bloggers who consider blogging as their profession or business, earn so much money from them that they can fulfill their needs and dreams.

This blogging is like a business in a way, in which you have to work with better planning, strategy, hard work and time, only then the fruits of hard work are received. 

4. Niche Blogging

In Niche Blogging, you can write a blog by choosing Lifestyle, Travels or any one topic or category related to Food, it is called Niche Blogging.

5. Reverse Blogging 

In Reverse Blogging, you can create a blog in which anyone can guest post or if you have an expert team, you can also get the post published daily from a different person or from a different member from that team. can. That is, there are many people in Reverse Blogging, all of them work together on the same blog, it is called Reverse Blogging. 

6. Affiliate Blogging 

In Affiliate Blogging, you can review Affiliate Product, you can review Amazon Product and you can also put Affiliate Link here which is called Affiliate Blogging.

7. Media Blogging

In Media Blogging, you can do Video Post, Instagram Post, Images, Blog Post, you can do Media Blogging related to it. 

How to do blogging?

Friends, if you have selected on which topic you want to blog or on which category you want to write an article, then after that you can start a blog. To start a blog, you have to follow some steps, after that you can create your own blog. 

Select Domain Name

First of all you have to select the domain i.e. you have to get the domain name for your blog, then for this you can buy the domain from GoDaddy or Hostinger. You have to see what type of blog you want to create, then you should take your domain name accordingly. 

Buy Hosting

The second step is to take hosting but you have to take hosting only when you make your blog on WordPress. If you create a blog on Blogger, then you do not need to take hosting in it. If you want to make your blog on WordPress, then you can use hostinger, siteground or bluehost to buy hosting. All these are considered good sites for hosting from where you can buy hosting and host your blog.

Select Blog Design

The third is Blog Designing, if you want to create a blog related to education, then you will do it in your blog of an educational theme, if you want to create a blog related to technical, then you will write a blog related to technical. You have to see what type of blog you are writing, you have to keep the design of your blog in the same way. 

How to earn money from blog?

Ad-sense is a service that gives money to the blogger, that means when you create your own blog and you will publish 30 to 40 articles and 100 to 200 visitors will start coming to your blog, then you will Google your blog as Google Ad- You can earn money by taking approval from sense.

On which topic to do blogging?

You have to decide on which topic you should do blogging because you have to ask yourself on which topic you can easily write an article in 1000 to 2000 words. Let me tell you that on which topic you do not have to write articles, such as never write articles on topics like Hacking, Pornography, Illegal Weapon, Drugs, because Google does not give Ad-sense Approval on all these topics. 

How many types of blogs are there?

There are many types of blogs like News, Educational Blog, Biography, Sports, Technology, Health, Fashion etc. You can make your blog about any of these topics. Friends, there is also a niche in the blog, that means if you have selected a topic, then there are many topics in the news like Political News, Sports News, Bollywood News, you will get many such topics.

If you are writing an article on your blog on one of these topics, then we will call it a niche, as if you write articles related to sports only on your blog, then we will call it a niche.

Who is a successful blogger and how much money does he earn?

The one who is the top blogger of today who has a blog in Hindi is Chandan Prasad Sahu, the owner of, who can buy 10 iPhones in a month in today's days, comes second, the founder Abhimanyu Bhardwaj whose all the expenses of the house are from blogging. only occurs.

At number three comes Satish Kuhswaha, the founder of, who today has his own 2bhk flat in Mumbai, which used to be a dream, comes at number four for them Technical Ripon who has made his own office of 25 lakhs.

Friends, there are many bloggers about whom I also write Motivational Stories, if you want to know about them, then click on Motivational Stories.

If you are a beginners then you can create your blog from because this platform is absolutely free service and talk about WordPress, then it is a paid service. Where you will have to spend a few thousand rupees.

But if you are a beginner, then you should create your blog on because you do not need to spend much money in it, on you will only get money for buying domain but in WordPress it will cost for both domain + hosting.

In which the minimum work will cost you 3000 to 4000 rupees. The blog I have is only on, I have only invested money in buying the domain, in which my 800 rupees were spent. If you are learning blogging, then you should not invest money, first take complete information about blogging, only then invest money in blog or else your money will be lost.

How to make a free blog on Blogger?

Friends, who are big bloggers, they first made their blog on and after taking all the information of blogger, they transferred their blog to WordPress, but there are some bloggers who still have their blog on is.

#step 1

First of all, you have to type in Google's search bar, then you have to click on the topmost website and you will see a page in which it will be written Create Your Blog.

So you have to click on this option and you have to login with your Gmail account.

#Step - 2

Now you will get to see another page in which it will be written that you have to write the name of your blog, which you want to give the name of the blog, then you can write the name in the title and click on Next. 

#Step - 3 

Now you will get to see another page in front of you, in which you will have written the address of your blog like I had given the title of my blog Blogging Ki Jaankari, so in the same way you will have to write the name of your blog in small letters in the address of your blog.

Friends, sometimes whatever you name, you will not get it because someone else takes that name before you, then you have to check by entering different names as if my name had an address, then it is written below. This blog address is available in the same way. It will be in your blog too.

Now if you click on the button of Save, then your blog will be created, you will get to see the image like below. Friends, this is called the Dashboard of the blog.

How to Upload Theme on Blog.

So friends, now let's talk that if our blog is made, then how will we use a professional template in it. So friends, let's know how to upload Theme or Template in Blog.

Friends, if you do not have a Professional Blogger Template, then you can go to the article given below and download Professional Blogger Template. 

First of all, you have to come to the Dashboard of your blog, now you will get to see the option of a theme, then you have to click on the option of Theme. Now you have to click on the drop-down option of Customized. Now you have to click on Restore option and click on Upload option. 

Now from your computer or phone, you have to select the xml file of the template that you want to upload. 

So you double click on that file and upload your Theme or Template. After the theme is uploaded, now refresh your blog once and see whether the theme of your blog has been uploaded or not. 


Friends, hope you know what is blog and how to do blogging? The article must have been liked, it is our endeavor that whatever readers come to my blog, they should get complete information.

So that they do not have to search the Internet elsewhere. Friends, if you like this article, what is our blog? If you have found how to make a blog useful for you, then you must share this article on your social media network.


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