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What is Google AdSense and how does it work?

What is Google AdSense? I know that every one of you must have heard this name. When we do Blogging or any other online work, then most of the people have this motive that how to earn money. Making money online is not a big deal. Everyone can earn money from the Internet, but for that you have to be diligent.

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Not that internet is installed and by making a blog or website, your income will start. Without hard work no one has got or will get anything. You always have to be serious about your work.

After creating a blog, money does not come from there. You have to prepare your blog for that. As we do not earn money by planting grains, for that we have to sell them. So in the same way you will also have to put advertisement in your blog. Whatever ads you put in your blog, he will pay you for it.

Perhaps you do not know that Google AdSense is also a kind of advertising company, using which you can earn a lot of money. Let us know about him in details.

What is Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense

If you do not even know, then let me tell that AdSense is also a product of Google that displays automatic text, image and video ads on website or blog. Most bloggers depend on it. If your blog is AdSense approved, then you can put its ads on your blog. With this you can earn money in two ways.

Impressions : It pays money according to the number of times your ads are viewed daily. You can only assume that for every 1000 visiters you will get $1.

Clicks : It only depends on the number of clicks on the ads you have placed.

Once your account is approved in Adsense, you can give a look to the ads according to you and also decide where it will appear on your blog. When visitors will come to your blog and see the ads and click on it, then your earnings will increase. Once you have earned $100 in your account, you can withdraw it using multiple means. Some of the mediums are: You can transfer it either by check or directly to your bank account.

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Not just on blog or website, it also works on YouTube . People mostly like to watch better videos than reading anything, and maybe that's why YouTube is the 3rd best website in the world. You must have noticed that while watching videos in YouTube, you see some ads, these are nothing but ads of Google AdSense.

If there are no visitors to your blog, then there is no use of putting AdSense ads. It is not that AdSense does not approve on less visitors, it is such an advertising network that you can approve any number of daily visitors. That's why it is very popular in the world of blogging and if I say then it is the king of this field.

How does Google AdSense work?

Those who put ads in their site are called publishers and whose ads we see are advertisers. Suppose Airtel is showing ads in your blog, it means it is an advertiser.

If you also want to show advertisement of any company on your website then it is not possible that you can directly talk to that company. How many companies will you be talking to in this? That's why Google started a product called Adwords.

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Through this, any big company or any person who wants to promote their product or company worldwide, Volog can register through it and Volog can also add their advertisement through it.

All company or products have keywords. If there is a keyword of a product on your website, then your website will show related ads of the same keywords. When Google's Robots visit your blog and detect a keyword in your website, they match it with AdWords and show the same ads to their products.

If I say that you have also written many posts about smartphones in your blog, then advertisements related to smartphones will appear in your blog as well. All these ads are from companies that have put their actual keywords in their products in Google Ads. And whenever we use their keywords in our post, we see their own ads.

Another one is interest-based advertising. When you visit the website of any e-commerce or any product, then all the history and data is saved in your browser. Let me tell you that when you again visit another blog or website that contains adsense ads, google accesses your browser's data and shows the ad according to the page you last visited.

What did you learn today

This was some information related to what is Google AdSense and how it works. If you still want to know more about this, then do not forget to comment below, after which we will give more information after taking your opinion.


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