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What is Search Engine and How Does It Work?

What is search engine and how does it works ? Along with this, I am going to give you some more information in Hindi in today's article. The era belongs to the Internet and the Internet is nothing without information.

Whenever any question comes in your mind, in this 21st century, no human ask the people around or their teachers. He takes out his mobile directly and writes down whatever question is in his mind. They get the answer within a few seconds.

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Whenever there is an argument among friends regarding a question, then its answer also means in the Internet, you search on any search engine like GoogleYahooBing . But if we talk about 1990, there was no such concept where you search something and get it immediately. There was no internet in that era.

Let's talk today, thousands of questions come in the mind of people and everyone says that you will find a search in the Internet. This young generation calls it Google, do it brother. This is the search engine that today we will tell our readers in this article. We will give information about Google, Yahoo and Bing in this article, so let's start.

What is Search Engine ?

Search engine may be a program . Or, a quest engine may be a program that searches the user's question (called a keyword / phrase) from the Internet's unlimited info , and shows the knowledge found within the search results page. Like Google does. Every question is searched in the world wide web.

What is Search Engine and How Does It Work?

Whatever search is done in the Internet, it works to show the search engine Exact Result of the search. The names of some search engines are "Google, Yahoo, Bing". Let me explain you well with an example. If a question comes in your mind, then you immediately start searching in Google which is a search engine. Your question is "What is a computer and how does it work".

The computer programme searches this question all told the websites on the web. Wherever this question matches, the names of those websites will appear in the first page of the search result. After that, by clicking on any one of the links, you can read the answer to “What is a computer and how does it work”.

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The question which is there is called keyword in the language of Internet. So, now a question must have come in your mind that by the way, how does this search engine mean Google, yahoo, Bing, work. The information we search also gives the correct answer, so let's know how.

Names of Major Search Engines – Search Engine List

If seen in this way, there are many search engines in the world, but here we are presenting you the list of most used popular search engines.

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  6. Baidu
  7. Wolframalpha
  8. DuckDuckGo
  9. Internet Archive

Indian search engine name

Where there are so many search engines, how does our country lag behind? Here we have made a list of some Indian search engines for you. These are not all that popular, but they work well to some extent.

  1. 123Khoj
  2. Epic Search
  3. Bhanvad
  5. Guruji

How Search Engine Works ?

It has already been told to you that whatever question, text, word is written in the search engine search of your browser, they are called keywords. If you write "what is search engine in Hindi" in google, then this is the keyword. This keyword is found in the world wide web. When this keyword matches with the title of a website or the content of the article and matches with the tags, then it shows in the search result. This was for the common man, let's understand a little technically.

The search engine works in three steps. First of all let us know in detail about these three crawling, indexing, ranking & retrieval.


Crawling means finding. And understand better, to acquire all the data of a website or to get complete information of a website. In this process, scanning the website, what is the title of the page, information about keywords, how many keywords are there in the content, images and which pages are linked with the website.

But in today's modern crawlers, they can copy the entire cache of a webpage till the end. Along with this, how is the page layout, where is the advertisement, where the links are given, it is also stored.

How does the search engine crawl the website? There is a self-propelled bot that searches every new and old page which is called Discovery. bots are also called spiders, which visit cores pages everyday. But not like us or you read very fast.

According to Google, it visits 100 to 1000 pages in about 1 second. When bots get a new page, they send it for back-end processing (page title, meta tag, keywords, backlink, images, videos). And then checks that the page is linked with this page from an angle.

Whenever a brand new page is found, then identical method is continual. Crawling+backend processing+indexing . After this, page indexing happens, without this Google can never show the correct search result. But there are some such websites which you can search through TOR NETWORK.


Do not place an excessive amount of stress on your mind, it's terribly straightforward to grasp categorization. Indexing is a process where whatever data is found during Crawl, all those data have to be placed in the database. Take an example, you have a lot of books. You are crawling to read the author name, books name, every page of the books of those books, but the listing of all these details is indexing. Now pay attention to this, the search engine does not crawl just one website, but crawls and indexes all the websites in the world.

According to Google search sammelan, Google spider crawls three trillion pages daily. This means that google has a library of all the information that is in the World.

Google Search Engine is a huge server of data. Where data is stored in the number of thousands of millions of peta byte drives.

Ranking and Retrieval

This is the last step of the search engine, but this last step is much more complex. Because when you do some search in google, the job of the first search is that you get the exact same information whose information you are searching. People trust the search engine only when they find and show relevant content to the user. For this google uses some algorithm. Which algorithms work according to certain parameters. Some of that square measure content age, content keyword, content page title.

Google has 200 factors for page ranking. Through which it is ascertained that the search result should appear at which position of the page Google Home. It is very difficult to understand the rank algorithm. Because out of 1 billion web pages, which one does a google search and shows in the first page. By the way, many hackers are putting their mind to hacking the ranking factors.

The first ranking was estimated, how many times the keyword has been used in the post and how many backlinks are there, the site was ranked with the greatest ease. For a few years now, it has become very difficult to blur the google ranking factors. Every year Google is changing its algorithm. Because Google gives those sites a chance to come first which are really working hard. This is how the search engine works in these three steps.

History of Search Engines

The job of all search engines was the same to search and display data on the Internet. In the early days, Search Engine was nothing but a collection of File Transfer Protocol. Data had to be found from all the servers that were connected to every different. Then the world wide web was the only way to connect to the internet. The programme was created as a result of it absolutely was not very easy to find the net server and file.

The first search engine was a project of a school, whose creator's name is Alan Emtage. In 1990, he was a student of McGill University. So let us now know when and how different search engine engines were create.


Excite was born in February 1993. Excite was also a university project and the name of that project was Architect. There were 6 undergraduate students in this project. This project of Stanford University went on till 1995 and took the form of Crawling search engine. Due to the huge growth in it, it also bought Web-crawler and Magellan. Eventually it partnered with MSN and Netscape.


Its name remains there, you need to have noted a bit bit, it absolutely was born on 1994. It started at Stanford University. It was started in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Fillo. Both of them were graduate students of Electrical Engineering. When he created a website called "Jerry and David to guide to world wide web". This guide was a directory that used to organize other websites and keep other websites. In 1994, Yahi Guide took the shape of Yahoo. The domain was registered on 18 January 1995.

Web Crawler

This is a Meta search engine which was born on April 20, 1994. It used to show the top results of both Google and Yahoo. In which you can easily search audio, video, news. The name of its creator is Brian Pinkerton at the University of Washington.


It was also born in 1994 itself. It provides search as well as a web portal service. It started with Carnegie Mellon University. It also provided the service of email, web hosting, social networking and entertainment websites.


Infoseek is also a very popular search engine which was born only in 1994, whose founder was Steve Kirsch. Infoseek is operated by INFOSEEK corporation. Its head quarter is Sunnyvale, California. This company was bought by The Walt Disney Company in 1998, then it later joined with yahoo and it has no name yet.

High view

It was born in 1995. This is a more used search engine in the olden times. In 2003 it was bought by yahoo. But the brand and services belonged to altavista. But in July 2013, all the services were stopped by yahoo and it was redirected to the yahoo search engine.


Inktomi was born in 1996. Its founder was UC Berkeley professor Eric Brewer and a graduate student named Paul Gauthier. Initially it was also a search engine which was developed in UNIVERSITY.

Its name is still there today. ASK.COM was earlier Ask Jeeves. It was also born in 1996. This is a question and answer site. Whose focus was more on E-business and web search engine. The name of its founder is Garrett Gruener and David Warthen from California.


By the way, in today's time, Google is a billion-trillion company, which has made its own place in Oxford Dictionary, which is a verb. But two PhD students had a hand in making this, whose name is Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who were students of Stanford University, California, they met at the same place in 1995 and from there this search engine started.

In 1996, when Sergey Brin and Larry Page were doing their PhD studies, they thought of doing something different for their PhD in the re-search project and they thought "If we rank the website by comparing it with other websites, then it will be good enough, that This was the way of ranking them at the time, the number of times they were searched, they would rank accordingly in that webpage and this imagination is the form of Google today. In the beginning, he named it as BACKRUB. In 1997- Both the search engine was named "Google".

What did you learn today

By the way, my opinion is that the best search engine is Google. Right now all the latest technology like Image search, Voice search, speech, google assistant is the technology of google. With this, Google's search algorithm is getting better every year. What is a search engine and how it works, the information about how it works must have been complete.

Hope you've got likeable this text, however did you prefer it, you need to tell by commenting below. If you want to ask any question now, then definitely write in the comment box below. And if you want to give any suggestion, then definitely give it so that we can do something new for you.


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